Discovering what makes you unique


Dianne Shaver has been an entrepreneur over 28 years and has had retail, manufacturing and design businesses, a live radio show and now a podcast interviewing people all over the world. She has written books, given workshops, consulted with corporations and entrepreneurs. She has trained entrepreneurs to pitch to investors and run pitch events with accredited investors. Seeing business from many different vantage points gives her a unique and comprehensive overview to bring clients. In addition, Dianne has a master’s in counselling which gives her insight into changing behaviours that don’t work into ones that bring success to clients.

Episode Summary

  • How we’re all blind to what makes us unique
  • The signs that you’re tapping into your uniqueness
  • What makes you unique is continuously evolving
  • Write to uncover your uniqueness


“As human beings, we don’t see ourselves correctly”

“Address the fear, not the behaviour”

“Everybody has the right to define the life that they want”

Guest Information

Website: www.entrepreneurmindworld.com

Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/DianneTransformationsPodcast

Twitter: https://twitter.com/EntrepreneurMW

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/dianne-shaver-b6b786101/

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